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Our Most Erogenous Body Parts Confirmed By Science

When it comes to the body’s erogenous and sensitive zones, many schools of thought have held widely differing opinions over the years. Some have suggested that, while women may have literally dozens of ‘hot spots’ scattered over their bodies, men have one – the genitals. A rather sexist attitude, all things considered.

Recent findings, however, seem to indicate that men and women have roughly the same number of erogenous zones.

While, for years, it was believed that the feet should be an erogenous zone, due to their nerve receptors’ proximity to those of the genitals, new findings suggest that this couldn’t be further from the truth.


In a recent survey in 2015, 800 individuals from the United Kingdom and Sub-Saharan Africa were asked to rate 41 different body parts for erogenous intensity. The survey indicated a surprising correlation of intensity, regardless of age, sexual orientation, nationality, and race and, most surprisingly, the sex of the participants. This “across-the-board” consensus for erogenous zones in humans, male or female, showed the most popular points being (of course) the genitals, followed by the lips, ears, inner thighs, and shoulder blades.

The only difference of note between the sexes was that men have more affinity for the backs of the legs and the hands, while these body parts didn’t impress women nearly as much. So, as a general rule, men’s hands aren’t that sexy. Shocking!!!

According to Professor Oliver Turnbull of Bangor University’s School of Psychology, “We have discovered from this that we all share the same erogenous zones in at least two very different continents, whether we are a white, middle-aged woman sitting in a London office, or a gay man living in a village in Africa.” Turnbull went on to state, “It suggests it is hard-wired; built in, not based on cultural or life experiences.”

Researchers further suggested that the findings on erogenous zones suggest that our sense of touch and our sexual response may be controlled by very different parts of the brain.

Turnbull indicated that prior research and theories suggested the feet as an erogenous zone due to positioning of various body parts in relation to the genitals. He further noted that the Cosmopolitan magazines of the world have been running half-baked surveys on this for years, “But we wanted to look at the question of why the side of the neck is interesting if nibbled, but not the forehead or head, when both have the same sensory receptors.”

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The findings, in support of Turnbull’s theories, suggest that the cerebral cortex may be responsible for sexual response. And while Turnbull feels confident that this is the case, he did point out the ethical difficulties which arise from taking the next step and trying to measure that, since it means someone would have to be stroking someone else while the brain was monitored. In this respect, they might have more volunteers if they chose to do their research in the United States.

So after all was said and done, where did feet end up on the list of erogenous zones? Oddly enough, at the very bottom.


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