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Difference between a wormhole and a black hole explained

What is the difference between a wormhole and a blackhole? Let’s get the definition right first.

Wormhole definition:

A wormhole is considered to be some kind of portal – a bridge that moves one across space and time. It is based on a theory formulated by physicists Einstein and Rosen. The wormhole has two ends to it, pretty much like a tunnel.

If one were to pass through one end to emerge from the other, theoretically speaking, one would have moved from one point in space to another, and simultaneously, from one point in time to another.

wormhole explained

Blackhole definition:

A blackhole, on the other hand, is nothing like a tunnel passageway. Rather, it sucks in matter to ultimately annihilate it in its insides. When one gets into a blackhole, one gets proper destroyed – one is not led to anywhere but oblivion. This is what most scientists have maintained.

However, it is also to be noted that blackholes have also been suggested to be gates to other universes. Here’s more about this new study.

black hole event horizon

Similarities between wormhole and blackhole

They have both sprouted as ideas from the General Theory of Relativity of Einstein. Ideas, they are. Neither one of them has been actually witnessed directly. Yet, physicists continue to dwell upon the theories, trying to make sense out of them.

While blackholes are said to be the end result of the death of huge stars, wormholes are not considered to be the result of the collapse of stars whatsoever. Wormholes are considered to be passageways, while in blackholes, even light cannot pass through to exit at their ends. Blackholes are characterized by the gravity they exert, pulling objects into them, such that the latter cannot resist being dragged in and destroyed.

Are wormholes real?

The reality of wormholes still remains quite obscure. It is sometimes thought of as more of a scientific fancy than a possible reality. Blackholes, on the other hand, are more strongly established. Furthermore, indirect evidence has pointed at the existence of blackholes, while wormholes are not even backed up by indirect substantiation.


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