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Do black holes lead to other universes? Yes according to Physics

Are black holes actually doors to other universes? Could be, according to a new theory made public in 2016 by scientists Jorge Pullin and Rodolfo Gambino.

The mystery behind black holes has been lingering for as long as one can remember. They are generally envisioned as some kind of nothingness that suck things up, crushing them into oblivion. At least, this is what the main current theories that have been formulated to define black holes say.

If anything gets absorbed into a black hole, it disappears forever, breaking apart. Or, so they say. Sounds pretty creepy; imagine being near a black hole, without realizing it, and finding yourself being pulled into it, to have it destroy you in its core. Not cool, huh? Well, from what has now been recorded in a scientific study, this could very well be an inaccurate description of the actual state of affairs. Results from new observations inclined the authors to theorize that black holes are not just some hungry monsters found in space, with the capability of annihilating anything they take in.

Rather, the new theory suggests that black holes act as some kind of portals that lead to somewhere else. Yea, a bit like a door to a parallel world. Oh, now this sounds much less creepy and so much more adventurous!


Jorge Pullin, researcher at the State University of Louisiana, and Rodolfo Gambino of the University of the Republic of Uruguay, joined their intellectual minds to examine the theory of quantum gravity in black holes. Find the abstract of their paper here.

The current theories picture the scene like this: as a matter approaches the black hole, it is pulled by an increasingly powerful gravitational force, to be later pulverized in the core of the space monster.

black hole event horizon

However, the new study puts forth the idea that the matter does not disintegrate in the core of the black hole, but it travels to the other extremity of it, to be transported into another universe. The black holes could be some kind of corridor to other worlds like our own.

The new theory proposes that as black holes eat things up, they do not digest them and destroy them in the process, rather they expel them out so they form other galaxies and celestial bodies like stars and even planets. In line with this, the physicists go even further saying that our own universe could right now be inside a black hole of some galaxy floating inside an even greater universe.

black holes

Prior to this study, other scientists had also proposed that black holes have universes thriving inside of them. Damien Easson had previously made similar statements of black holes containing universes. So, the concept that black holes could hold and lead to other universes is not completely new.

Meanwhile, we can only wait for the physicists to progress in their research, and dig further into the black holes to elucidate the seemingly never-ending mystery. If the new theory is more close to the truth, black holes would have a much friendlier appeal to them, won’t they?!


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